What’s that Thing? Cow Brushes

Posted: July 11, 2019

Keeping their animals comfortable and content is any livestock farmer’s number one priority. No reasonable person wants their animals to be uncomfortable or in pain. Plus, healthy, calm animals perform better by producing more milk, eggs, or meat.

Cow brushes are a tool many dairy farmers provide to keep their cows happy and healthy. In the freestall barns typically found on modern dairy farms, cows are free to walk around, lie down, or feed as desired. Cow brushes can be installed in such barns to be handy whenever a cow feels the need for a good scratch.

How do the brushes help cows?

Access to brushes helps cows keep comfortable and clean. Regular brushing helps them release heat through their skin to stay cool. The brushes promote better blood circulation. Being able to groom themselves also reduces stress in cows.

How do cow brushes work?

When a cow leans on or presses against the round brush, a switch makes the brush rotate automatically. The brush will turn for a set period of time, such as a minute. Then it will stop until the switch is triggered again. Horizontally-placed brushes allow cows to scratch their heads and back. Brushes mounted vertically let cows brush their sides.