Why did you choose to farm?

Posted: March 21, 2023

As a 4th generation farmer, there really isn’t anything else I’d rather be doing. There was no question as to what my career would be.

I was born and raised on a farm. Both sets of my grandparents farmed as well. I spent all of my time working alongside all of them, learning from some of the best.

Farming is what I know…it’s what I love…and it’s what I was always meant to do.

I like farming because there is never a day that’s the same. There are so many different challenges to tackle around the farm. From fixing farm equipment (whether it’s broken or just routine maintenance) to tending to the animals’ daily needs, mixing feed, repairs and upkeep on the buildings. Then there’s planting corn and soybeans in the spring, baling hay and combining wheat in the summer, to harvest in the fall.

Each day is filled with new challenges and a different set of skills to use. Computers, tractors, feed – everything is always changing. Each year/season, there is something new to learn. Seminars aren’t my favorite, but it’s important to continue to learn and adapt to changing times.

Farming is better than being in an office…the thought of being stuck inside or in an office setting doing the same thing day in/day out, just never appealed to me.

Three generations work together on our family farm. This is one of my favorite photos taken several years ago of me, my son Adam, and father Ron, walking along our farm lane.

The best part of farming is being able to work with my family and spend time with the kids every day. The hours can be long and tough, but we get it done. But what I am able to teach them is priceless. They help with many of the daily chores or tasks and they love to be able to do things themselves. The older they get, the more helpful they are on the farm. They are able to take on bigger tasks, which helps everyone out.

I hope our children grow to love and appreciate farming the way my family has. It would give us so much pleasure to see them continue on with the family farm.


The Ness Family – Jason, Stacie, and children, Mollie, Lucas, and Adam raise pigs, corn, and soybeans and have a hay baling business in rural Hinckley.